About Jill

Jill is a yoga instructor/flight attendant/writer/artist/web designer who lives in the Colorado High Country. Aside from the above mentioned, Yoga is the love of her life.  Jill, a Certified Yoga Instructor is exploring OMazing  yoga experiences with her fellow yogis, students, friends, family & anyone who thinks they’d like to share their thoughts and experiences with her!


7 Responses to About Jill

  1. Toni Boudeman says:

    HI Jill!! I’m just mid/life retired registered nurse with no desire to more that travel, love my cats, grandkids, and sometimes my husband. I need a job that will make be lots more friends than money, lots more fun than down time and lots more love than just like! It may be time to come out west very soon. Miss you lots!! Toni

  2. Page Meade says:

    Dear Jill, love the format and “logo” you have created. It has been far too long since seeing you and hopefully soon we will be drawn together. I too practice yoga…intermittently, and was touched by your stories of Japan and the lonely disoritented feeling that yoga surpasses as well as the insights into being “busy”. It is like a drug, most definitely. Thank you for your lovely postings and the fond memories I have of you! You inspired me to remcommit myself to getting back to myself!

    • jaijill says:

      Oh Page, what a beautiful response! If you are inspired to do that, then every minute writing and mulling all of this over is worth it. Thank you for that gift. It means the world to me. Maybe we can cross paths in Narita and practice together. Namaste!

  3. Namaste Jillji! I miss seeing you and laughing with you. Are you still doing your art cards and stampworks? I’m so glad to see this site and know you’re doing what you love. All my good wishes to you Jill!
    Ram Ram,

  4. Jackie Higgins says:

    Hello neighbor,
    Like your blog and website. Hope to yoga with you soon…see you around the

  5. Kathy says:

    I could not be more proud of you, impressed with your writing and you continuous inspiration to all. You are a dear friend, one who I admire, but keep admiring more every day as you perfect new avenues in your life. Thank you for sharing your life and your yoga classes with me. I am truly honored to be in your presence, although not enough. Namaste Kathy

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